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How about a cure? What can you expect with this product?

I have been using rustoleum all my life for a cure to mildew in my shower doors and windows. My daughters have done this all the time and it’s safe because it’s a water based product, therefore you don’t need to be very diligent. However, there is a limit to how frequently I can do it and what it will do for us.
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Here is a simple video to give you an idea about how often I will use it:

I use rustoleum for several different purposes: for cleaning my shower doors and windows, when I am inside them at night using mildew cure, when I am outside during that same time, and for all different conditions of the year (rainy, dry, frosty, etc.). This is what I will say in a moment about when I can do it and when I will not use rustoleum. Now I will talk about when it does and doesn’t need to be used.

Do I need to be diligent?

I do like rustoleum for this cure but I cannot keep using it over and over again for the same repair because it is water based, so I will use a little water. I don’t use much water at first because there is something else in me that doesn’t like water but then it starts to work and I don’t like to have to water. I know for a fact there is water involved when I use it, but I don’t want to know, so I take it off at the end of the day.

When you don’t want to do dry rustoleum on your shower door and window I recommend using a sealer instead of water to protect what will become mold. For example, you could buy polyurethane which will do the job but there is a lot of potential for getting a sealer on it which could be hazardous to your health and well, there is no way around it.

I love rustoleum but I also love to have mold at the same time. I have had to have my shower doors and windows cleaned every 5-6 years because they have been a constant problem. I really appreciate the moisture content on the shower door. In fact, even in my small home where I live in a two bedroom apartment, I still use a lot of water because of the moisture on the ceiling and the shower doors and windows. But I do not use rustoleum for mold since

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