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In short – Yes, and no. The answer depends on how you have defined “spray paint” for yourself. If you are simply spraying on your car’s paint with your airbrush it is not rustoleum. That is spray painting on paint in small groups so that it can be seen and removed quickly.

If you are spraying on the paint in the actual spots that you want to remove, like on the windows, doors, and trunk of your car, then it is rustoleum. That is spray painting on rustoleum on a larger area so that all of the paint is visible and clear. You are making a lot of paint on the surface and it can get messy.

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So for any DIYer looking to paint rustoleum or other such paints that will adhere like other rustoleums, you will need to keep in mind that when you are spraying on the paint, your airbrush is not doing anything besides spraying paint.

Here is a picture of the spraypaint used on a rustoleum “D” windshield wiper blade. These are the pictures that many of you have used your airbrushes for a while now as examples of rustoleum spray paint. When these pictures were first posted I remember a comment that people use these pictures to give themselves a heads up.

This has since happened to some of us – and we just can’t help it!!

I love the pictures – as this is not the first time anyone has posted these pictures online – but they could be made nicer with better lighting and it would just get so dark on your computer screen it would be a bit much.

I am not going to lie when I say I had to google these pictures to figure out why these pictures are in my opinion soooo awesome and awesome that I feel the need to share them with you in a tutorial format.

All of this discussion of spray paint and why it is best to spray on the paint has been covered before on my blog so hopefully we can get this post about spray paint out of the way and get on to other things.

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