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It depends. A good spray paint artist will be able to paint on any surface and it will be easy to work with. Rustoleum is good for this, but is not a good paint for the purpose of spray painting. A good rustoleum spray artist should be more proficient at painting watercolor and can work quickly and easily without looking out of place in this type of work.

Here are some images and information about Rustoleum spray paint from one of the other excellent experts on the subject (thanks, Gary).

One of the most intriguing stories coming out of the NFL draft this year is how the Raiders and 49ers are trying to work out a trade so that Khalil Mack can land in their home city for some pre-season action. At the same time, Mack (right) has been named the team’s top defensive prospect and is set to enter free agency next spring. Now we’ll get to see what kind of impact it will have in the Raiders’ defense in 2016.

The deal with Jacksonville seems like it needs a few tweaks and modifications if it’s going to work. As one report from Ian Rapoport points out, Mack has already been told that he has no draft rights to be picked in the draft. He is still going to be paid $9MM for 2016, and if he hits either or both of those numbers, he’ll still have a cap hit of $13MM if he’s cut.

That leaves his $11MM guarantee as the only protection from being cut in the draft or free agency.

We don’t see that kind of money being a problem for the Raiders if they’re able to make this happen, and we won’t be surprised if they actually try to cut the quarterback to move up in the draft and get the chance to draft Mack or have a deal like that happen.

Of course, the 49ers want in, too, but they’re probably going to need to go and get another pass rusher. This would not be a deal that works well with the way that the Raiders like to draft in the draft. With their big linebacker in Ian Williams, they need another guy for defensive end that they can have a huge impact on. That’s where Mack stands in this deal.

Now, in this scenario, Oakland could keep Williams on the roster as a reserve with a low bonus. If it’s going to happen, we’ll see if their decision to keep that option available for a team that wants its defense to improve isn’t

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