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We love rustoleum, and we had several people from the office who did not have too much experience spray painting. For a while, this is the spray paint they used to paint their office walls. Now there are more versatile spray paints available. The other great thing about spray paint is you can do anything to that paint. It’s not your job, it’s yours. What does rustoleum offer?

Here’s a few quotes we got from a rustoleum representative…

Here’s our pick of spray-painted walls in this office:

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We love the rustoleum spray paint because you get the results you want, including a durable finish that will last long beyond the first paint job. A regular paint will wear off over the years, leaving a big mess of paint on the wall. That’s not what you want as a spray paint artist. To prevent that, we spray-paint! With the rustoleum, the walls are finished, then protected with rustoleum. You get the results you want, with no maintenance whatsoever.

How do rustoleum spray paint work?

Rustoleum uses two processes to paint these walls. They mix all the paint for the walls. A different mix of paint is sprayed, then all the water on the wall is poured over the paint then the walls are sprayed. They are then covered with drywall cement. Then the walls are removed and the process of rustoleum paint application begins. This process can take 3-10 hours depending on what you want to do with your wall.

Some areas may require more drying time, especially for areas with large spaces and lots of exposed drywall.

Where does rustoleum get their supplies?

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Rustoleum supplies their supplies by having a team come down here from the office to do their job. They will paint the walls of the office, then walk them into the parking lot along with our own technicians to do everything including drywall installation.

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