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A: Some people might believe that enamel is the best rustoleum lacquer, but no, that’s another story. There are other enamel finishes that work well under rustoleum like enamel, nickel, and silver oxide. Some finishes are not good under rustoleum. We can never be too sure how well rustoleum lacquer will hold up in an environmental environment. If you want to use a finish on your car that is not a great match for your car, then you may want to talk to an expert before making a decision.

Q: What kind of protection do I need?

A: If you are planning to use rustoleum lacquer or a similar finish or finish type on your car, it is important to know the minimum protections that can be put on a car.

1. Check for corrosion. The outer surface of all cars should be very clean, or oil-free oil.

2. Check for rust. If rust is present, then the car is not very corrosion resistant. You may also want to be sure that rust is not showing on any of the metal surfaces. If you have any rust on the paint, the rust might affect the protection of the finish.

3. Check for grime. If you do not find any corrosion or grime, you should be able to install the finish if you follow the instructions below (click on the pictures to view a larger version).
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A: To check for corrosion: First look for rust in the paint, on the interior and exterior of the car. When you see rust, it means the car has sustained a very good amount of water damage. The rust will show under ultraviolet light. If you experience rust in the paint, you need to find a rust remedy to get the damage completely cleaned off.

Rust is usually the leading cause of car damage that affects your car’s paint. The most common rust remedy are waxes, varnishes, and sealants. When using a varnish, it is important to read the directions so that you do not damage the finish of the car. Also, do not use a sealant if it is a water-based sealant, as the oil might come in contact with the sealant and cause the paint to degrade. Water-based seal

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