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Can Rustoleum sand down any conditioner? Yes – Use any paint conditioner of your choice as long as it’s a paint conditioner.

No (you can use Rustoleum’s Rustoleum Paint to seal all paint surfaces)

Is Rustoleum paint safe to use on wood surfaces? Yes


If the product does not meet your specific needs, please contact Rustoleum or a Rustoleum Tech. Rustoleum supports the use of natural finishes.

What is the minimum paint finish that Rustoleum must have on the floor? The minimum finish is a natural, color-matched, smooth/satin finish.

Is paint-based flooring safe on concrete? Generally, no – paint finish is not safe on cement.

What is the acceptable material for this product? This product is recommended to be applied to wood floors in homes for the highest quality and performance.

What is the minimum floor finishing spray paint coverage for my floor? The following is the recommended coverage for a typical paint application, with only the minimum of covering wood flooring, and no other materials: 1/4″ for both floors (excludes carpet)

1/8″ for corners, etc.

1/16″ to 1/8″ for corners

1/2″ for door openings

3/4″ for door seams

3/8″ for doors All other areas/slats would be covered with 1/16″ of coverage

What is the minimum product height required for this product? If the product is to be used over concrete, the recommended product height is 1/2″ higher than the finished floor.

What is the recommended spray paint cover height for this product? The recommended spray paint cover height is 1/2″ higher for wood flooring than the finished floor. If the floor is to be used over a carpet.

What is the recommended coverage for wood floors? The recommended coverage on wood floors is no greater than a 1/16″ underlayment over the finished floor, which must be 1/4″ or less for a carpet.

What is the recommended spray paint coverage for carpet? The recommended coverage for carpet is the same as the carpet.

What is the recommended thickness of this product? The thickness of the spray paint product is no greater than 1/2″ over the top and bottom of any carpet, and can only be

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