Is spray painting easy? – Cool Spray Paint Art For Beginners

And what is the minimum amount of time you’ll need to do it?
This post is about the process of spraying paint from the very beginning until just before or after the final coat is applied.
As you might have noticed, it’s not an easy task, especially if you’re not skilled. My job is also to advise you.
First, what is paint?
I’d like to make clear that paint is different from the other liquids that you use when you paint or etch anything. It’s still basically a fluid, as you might guess, that is used to achieve an object’s surface.
The fluid you create from these three main elements is basically the base of your “dye coat”. Here’s what it looks like after the first step:
Notice, we need to start with an extremely dark wash of very heavy black on our model. And that we need to be as precise as possible, as this gives us a very nice and glossy, clear and opaque look at the end of it.
With a very light coat of water, the first thing we have to do is to make sure that our paint doesn’t get stuck in the brush head.
I have this painted on the model of the Imperial Raider :
As you can see, this is exactly what I’m facing with the next step. I’m starting with this dark wash and painting the sides, a small detail that will end up being completely ignored.
Here’s the second step that we want to do: we want to have as much consistency on our painting as possible. I’ve also drawn in the model to illustrate my point, where I have highlighted and darkened the side and rear armour plates.
Here’s how the surface looks.
first steps are very simple and don’t take any time at all to do.
I used a thin layer of grey paint to add the base colour:
And then the first step is very close, you just need to add the black, we want to use a very light brush, you can also use something really small if your paint starts to get too thick.
Here we can see that the base colour is completely black, but we can still see some detail in the white areas, so just a little bit of highlighting will do. You can find the best way to highlight with your brush by looking to your model or at your brush itself for this.
And that’s exactly how the surface looks like. At the end, here’s what the surface looks like after we’ve added

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