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There are several approaches to getting started, but spray painting is the easiest. We’ve written a quick primer on spray painting (and a few tutorials we can recommend). We’ve also put together a helpful guide to getting started using spray paint and a few simple projects.

A word of warning: if you have a lot of time available, you should always consider finding a qualified professional. Some people, though, may not realize this and have a more straightforward approach that could easily take them to the wall. For those people, we recommend that you first decide whether they’re the right person for you—if the goal is something simple like spray painting a wall, then it’s easier to just ask someone who also does this stuff and has experience with spray painting to do the job for you.

What’s the best way to start?

We would start by putting together a basic design. It may be very difficult to find someone on Etsy with a skill set like ours, but using someone’s design can be really simple. If you have a good idea but can’t be sure that there is actually someone who can do the job for you, you might consider having someone else do the job for you, even if it’s cheaper. That said, you should definitely have someone available before starting to plan out an assembly.

You don’t always need to do the whole painting yourself. If you don’t have anyone in hand to spray paint, then you can save money either by outsourcing the part to someone else and keeping the profit, or by getting a cheap kit from a home-based vendor who can do the job.

How do I know whether I can do this?

The easiest way to ask for help is to come to our paint sessions. If you want us to paint your wall or a friend’s walls, don’t hesitate. We’re always up for helping, even if they don’t have our equipment. We’ve been called on our asses for things like painting a bathroom door for two kids, and others.

How will this work?
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In order to be able to spray paint, you’ll need to create an outline of what you plan to paint. With a sketch, you can sketch out a rectangle like this and start using a brush to add color. With a colored pencil, you can color your outline from that image and then use a brush to add colors.

This is done as you paint. There are various ways of spraying paint on a surface, but here

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