Is there a spray dye for fabric? – Spray Paint Art Game

Yes, we offer a wide range of fabric options including natural and synthetic fabrics

Can I use the dye with other fabrics or for a custom pattern?

Yes, of course, but the dye will not absorb the colour you choose (and it does not dye the finished piece)

What is LYSSA?

LYSSA stands for Low Emission Skin Solutions, or LESS, which is a trademark of ProFabrics. LYSSA will dye the fabric using the best technology available to reduce the effect of sun damage through UV and UVB (particle radiation) damage to the skin

LYSSA can also be used in conjunction with the other products listed above to provide a permanent solution to skin sun damage.

When Will My Skin Get Sun Luster?

You will receive your LYSSA in the following 10 to 40 days after order is placed

Product Description Skin sun damage damage

UVB Radiation damaged skin

You will receive your LYSSA in the following 10 to 40 days after order is placed

Why I Should Use LYSSA?

LYSSA may be your new favourite natural option. It is very effective both at UVB protection and UVB protection. It absorbs up to 80% of the UVB rays with very little or no skin damage. In addition, it acts as a natural sunscreen to protect the skin from the effects of UV rays while providing UVB protection for your skin at the same time. It is a highly effective alternative to UVB blockers in sunscreen’s formulas. It is a great option for skin care consumers. While using LYSSA, you can also be sure that you do not have to be concerned about the use of many other anti-aging products which are still based on the same technology used for UVB products.

The Skin Sun Damage Repair System is easy to use. For a full description of each product go to the FAQ page where you will find lots more information and product references that can help you choose the right product for your skin care needs.

If you still require further information or guidance, please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives. We provide a 24/7 service to ensure you get your LYSSA within the estimated timeframe. We also provide you with a full support program so you can be assured that you are fully supported.

Questions? Call us on 01273 644 812 or Email:

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