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The chemical dye that will be used in the printing process is called PVM or paraffin wax. It does have the potential to make an imperfect print, but will only affect a few specific colors. We are going to use the dye in our print so that the entire surface of the fabric is printed in those specific colors. Any other colors may appear muddy in color (for example on a black background). The dye is colorless for most of the print life on the fabric and the color it will be applied to will be a very minor shift from the original print. The dye you may use depends on the type of fabric you are printing, but should contain at least 1% PVM or paraffin wax in the formula. PVM and paraffin wax is also called polyvinyl chloride or PVC and has a much higher viscosity than water. We will make our own.

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Where did the idea for the print come from?

One of the things that kept me up at night for the last seven years was how many companies had developed their own printing processes which were better performing than that offered by the original equipment manufacturers. As a result, I knew I had only a short time before I had to learn something new. In 2008, when the USPTO first suggested a new process for digital inkjet printing I decided to try my hand at this new innovation using a mixture of high viscosity paraffin and a new, more powerful ink-jet printer that cost less and offered a good degree of customization (i.e. changing the paper and the pattern of the letters, numbers and symbols). It was great fun to make it using my hobby parts, although it was hard learning the basic procedures and setting up the printer and getting the best ink-jet colors that I wanted.

You know how it works: After a chemical reaction creates an alcohol and a dye, it is poured into an area of paper or fabric. Then a light and a small amount of heat is used to melt the substance into a solution that resembles liquid. While the liquid is molten, the powder and the solution combine and the reaction is completed. During this critical phase, the color of the colored particles will change with different amounts of light intensity, which can help determine how different colors will interact in the inkjet print. To be honest, I’ve been quite confused about this process for years, but my curiosity and love of machines kept me reading all the different literature on the subject. Unfortunately, I never

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