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By the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

More than 1,300 pieces of equipment made by the United States military has been stolen from one of the nation’s most secure facilities, the Defense Department announced Monday.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) discovered a security breach in the Defense Information Facility (DIF), an intelligence and surveillance facility in a secure facility on the island, the Defense Department said in a news release. The DIF is one of only two such facilities in the country.

According to the DLA, the intrusion was discovered May 14 in June when two people left the building to buy groceries. Upon reaching the door, “a person noticed a box with numerous pieces of equipment belonging to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA),” the military said.

An investigation discovered the stolen equipment included “paint cans … spray cans … a computer and laptop … a security badge, key card, a black backpack and a green shirt.”

The items were valued at $14,000 and were taken to the Naval Station Guam facility. No weapons or explosives were involved in the theft.

DLA said it contacted the U.S. Postal Service to ensure the mail got to its destination, and “the Department of Labor determined that no work for the affected individuals occurred at the DLA facility.”

Despite its seriousness, the theft was the work of “a few individuals, who are not considered a threat to the community,” the statement said in part.

In 2016, the agency spent $1.7 billion on security upgrades at the DIF, including new bulletproof windows, secure walls and a high-security elevator system.

“Our commitment to securing the DIF is unwavering,” Defense Secretary James Mattis said in the message.

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DLA said in the news release that a series of “stumbling blocks” led to the breach.

“These security gaps led to the theft of critical defense-related equipment, which was eventually recovered with the equipment’s rightful owners,” it said. “We hope this incident will give DLA employees, visitors and contractors an additional layer of security throughout our government and in our communities.”

The United States has about 25 DIFs in 28 states, the military said.

Last August, two of the government’s largest defense contractors, Boeing and General Dynamics, announced a major security upgrade at a DIF in Georgia, in which all its equipment was moved.

The two companies had not

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