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I think it depends on your painting style, but we like my white watercolor paintings because I really like using a spray paint for painting. I think you should use white watercolor paints since water color paints are a little more watery; it’s a little less paint-like because you’ve got more in the bottle. You can use the same paint for dark and light paints, you can mix them, but I don’t like having a hard line between dark and light paint. So I think it would be a little more like a wet blending or blending for a watercolor painting. This has been the best thing about the medium, I think.

It’s that time of year again — when my fellow Americans, like me, are faced with endless debates over who made the greatest leap forward in technology.

Who actually is driving this new tech revolution? And what do they see for the future?
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But today, we have a unique opportunity to engage the American people on these same issues. That’s why I’m hosting the first-ever technology summit, the Future of Jobs Summit, which convenes more than 100 policy experts from across the country to address the country’s growing concerns about jobs.

The summit is a chance for policy makers to discuss how to create jobs in this rapidly changing economy. We can’t wait till 2014 to decide what, if anything, can be done to create more good jobs — and what role we should play in creating them.

As technology companies like Google and Facebook gain increasing power to hire their way out of the job market, it’s important not only to keep pace with the technology, but to understand what jobs these companies have created and what they’re trying to become. We can’t let corporations rule the nation’s future. If we want to improve the lives of all Americans, we need to work together to set the direction of this economy. A tech-driven future is a surer path to economic growth, better jobs and a more prosperous nation.

The Future of Jobs Summit seeks to connect policy makers, business leaders, and the technology community to ensure that government leaders, policy makers and innovators work together to create an economy where companies create more jobs than people, all while building up strong economic growth.

The Summit comes at an inopportune time for Congress to continue failing to act on an American jobs bill. In fact, the American tech community has made it clear that they’ve been frustrated and hurt by failing congressional leadership — not just in

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