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I’m not a lawyer but there are people who do make the argument that graffiti is a “crime” in some form. I know for a fact that graffiti is not illegal so why does it need to be punished?

I find it interesting that people believe graffiti deserves the same attention as murder. That people don’t see it the same way should come as no surprise! But when someone breaks into your house to steal your clothes, do you feel that they deserve the same consideration?

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Graffiti should not be considered an offence because this should not carry the same penalties as a murder, because it’s in no way comparable. What a good analogy!

The best way to protect against crime is to be aware of your environment, be aware of other people’s intentions, and be aware of your surroundings. The more you know about the world through graffiti, the more you’ll be able to look back and see this in your own life, and the less you’ll feel scared walking around in public.

I read some stuff on reddit about how police will stop writing and stop going into schools to prevent violence. I don’t understand how they think that stops can be the answer as most of the graffiti is vandalism or some kind of graffiti that’s happening in public. It wouldn’t be wrong to do this but why do we need to do it more in general?

There are probably some really serious problems with the system. It seems like it’s more geared towards punishing graffiti artists rather than solving the issue. Also, I am not sure how it’s supposed to prevent graffiti in public.

In all honesty, I don’t really see this as a problem that needs to be solved. The fact is that graffiti is graffiti and we should do whatever we can in order to make it safer.

Do you think that writing or painting should be considered vandalism?

Yes, it’s vandalism. But that’s not the reason you should be sent a bill.

I personally don’t make up the words, paint, or graffiti. I’m an artist and we don’t want to be considered a villain for the crime that I do. I want to be held responsible and not be made a scapegoat for my actions. It seems that people are just making the assumption that graffiti is a crime instead of actually understanding what graffiti is, and what kind of people are involved in graffiti and that are likely to be involved in criminal activity.

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