Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling? – Youtube Spray Paint Artist Artworks

While Rustoleum has been around for almost a century and employs hundreds of skilled workers, sometimes that quality of work is lacking, and the lines and lines of our new Rustoleum paint lines can give us pause.

Our goal is to get better at replacing any rust that may develop during your paint projects. This includes all types of hard surface rust. We have done a lot of testing and will replace rust-prone paint lines. We may replace a hard surface line or a large section of one if we are confident that the change will not damage another area of paint. If you have a question about any part of the Rustoleum installation you may contact an authorized Rustoleum Tech for advice.

Does Rustoleum use special coatings on its paint?

At present Rustoleum does not use coatings which make changes to our paint lines difficult or cost-prohibitive, such as those often seen on top coatings or coatings applied over a paint line.

How does Rustoleum paint react to direct sunlight?

Our Rustoleum coatings are made by Rustoleum, Ltd. in the United States and do not react to direct sunlight for safety reasons. However, we suggest using a bright window light to test for weathering (be sure and turn down the light just a tiny bit to avoid heating up the paint and resulting in the damage above the paint line) when using Rustoleum coats.

Does Rustoleum paint affect color?

While Rustoleum paint’s color tends to get darker and darker with age, no matter how long it has been applied the paint does not degrade in this way.

Does Rustoleum paint damage my paint?

No, Rustleum paints will not damage your paint – simply because it is made by someone else. However, when Rustoleum paints are added to a surface with a surface that is already being painted, the paint may chip and crack slightly at the paint line. This is normal and can be corrected with a very small amount of Rustoleum cleaner and water.

Does Rustoleum paint harm delicate details?

Yes, Rustoleum paint will damage delicate paint details. If a detail requires special attention – call first to ensure a quality replacement or ask an authorized Rustoleum Tech for advice before applying Rustoleum paint.

How can I see if my Rustoleum paint has been damaged?

To see if you have damaged your paint

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