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This article is about the book. For other uses, see The Rise of the Underthing (disambiguation)

The Rise of the Underthing is a book by Brian Herbert and Mike Lee that was published by Publishing in September 2009, ISBN 978-1-63327-869-5. It is an excerpt from the sixth volume of the Dungeons & Dragons series, which is being released at Gen Con in 2011.

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Publisher information Edit Investing for beginners: This book includes ...

This is the publisher’s description: “A new book from Brian Herbert, author of D&D: The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Sword of Kord, The Lost Ark, The Reckoners, and The Lost World.”

“For twenty years, author Brian Herbert and his creative team have been crafting a grand epic-scale roleplaying campaign based on two decades of Dungeons & Dragons mythology. What they’ve created is The Rise of the Underthing! With three complete rulebooks, The Rise of the Underthing features full character creation tables, extensive character options, all-new adventures, and much more. Plus, all proceeds from sales of The Rise of the Underthing go to The Orphanage, the Drow Kingdom’s largest orphanage, where the most vicious and maladjusted young elves go to live out their darkest years in the wilderness. As the story of a young band of heroes and villains unfolds across a vast, detailed continent, you and your fellow heroes will have to use your brains and the magic of the Underthing to stand against monsters of every variety and every shape. When you’re ready to embark on your own quest of revenge-and find the answers you seek-this is THE game. This is a D&D game. It comes from two of the most celebrated authors in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s available at Gen Con.”

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The book opens with a story telling of a young Drow Ranger named Zebral, who was recruited in the city of Mirabar by a man named Wulgar. The young ranger was a loner and very poor, with no prospects. He was not what the Drow expected of him and was not accepted by the organization. He was also a poor man who had lost his parents and was going to have to leave the land as he was being sent to live with Wulgar. He did not leave Mirabar however, but his path continued as he traveled north and met a

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