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No. A few successful traders in the early 1900’s became very wealthy by trading stocks. However, there’s no real reason to try this. In the early 20th century and up, most trading in the U.S. was of a financial nature. Investors would buy and sell stock in companies and it was the same for other trades. It used to be, in general, difficult for an investor to trade stocks. In part, it was because of this that a lot of people didn’t consider buying the stocks of companies involved in the stock market. The reason this was is that it wasn’t a good market to be investing in. As early as 1908, there was a report in the Wall Street Journal saying that people were getting scared off the stock market.

So, when somebody started trading stocks, at least when these people started trading stocks, you could tell from their actions and statements how they planned for the future in their trading decisions. They were planning for something, they had a plan for the future because they thought they’d be successful at it. There aren’t many of these successful traders today because most stocks are more the preserve of people who aren’t planning for the future and they are more likely to get greedy or sell off their stocks when stocks are down.

So, I think it’s actually quite difficult to make money by trading. You can make money using other tools in your portfolio like futures.

In one of our previous posts, we discussed futures. What if you want to buy something now and you want to sell it once it reaches a certain price? You can do that in the markets through a futures market. These futures trade every day and you can make a substantial profit if you keep an eye on what’s going on in the markets. What we’d like to show you is one way to see exactly how you can use these types of markets to make money trading stocks.

So, let’s assume this guy comes to your office and says, “I want to trade stocks.”

No. You can’t trade stocks. You can trade futures. But you can’t do both of those things at the same time.

So, how does one start trading when you want to buy something now and to sell it at a certain price later?

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If you have a lot of time, one option would be to use a futures contract which is a type of insurance policy that gives you assurance that you will get a certain amount of money if there is a crash or

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