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We love getting a lot of questions from people who want to start trading or who are just interested in the fundamentals of the markets, and they always ask me why not go into it.

But I’m not going to tell you the whole story.

We’ve looked at every single thing investors can do and found that investing involves time and effort, and there are a lot of options out there but not too many that are really worth considering if you aren’t prepared to do the effort yourself.

But here are five of the best investments we could find:

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1. The Stock Market Quiz (1QQB)

You could spend a whole month or two reading all the investment advice out there but in our opinion you can’t get a true understanding and understanding of the market until you take a stock market quiz.

As a matter of fact, we think you should spend just one hour to a full day on this quiz. The question is simple:

It asks: If someone is buying in your mutual funds the answer is easy. If someone is selling at a loss, then chances are it’s going to happen again. What is your strategy to defend and take profits and survive.

2. Money Manager Podcast

Another fun investment podcast is Money Manager’s. We watch these every week and it’s a fun episode full of great advice. The questions range from how to make money as a hedge fund manager to the real answer to which investing company is going to go down.

Check your local listings to pick up a printable version at

3. Investor Relations

If you are looking to make some cash, you would be wise to get into the right investor relations firm. There is always a chance that the person you hire may not make as much as she was promised, but investing has been known to be a gamble and it’s wise that you are prepared.

Investor Relations is one of the more reputable firms for private investments. It will help you evaluate the value of different deals and the company you are buying into is likely to be an option that you’ll want to keep around for your retirement.

You can find their website here

4. The 401-K Plan

Yes they are a lot of work but if you really want to make money on the side, investing in the 401-K plan is almost always

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