Can you get rich day trading? – Swing Trading Strategy Guide Ally Sheedy Images

I get asked a lot of questions about day trading and I think day trading will pay off for some people. For others it’s not a realistic option and the cost for doing so is too large. For day traders, trading is about profit and that is achieved through short-term or intermediate positions or by short-term momentum.

It can seem to be hard to trade day traded stocks, but what’s the appeal of a day traded stock?

For a beginner day trader, I think day trading the stock is much easier than doing it for long periods of time. There are ways around this, but the best are the options and strategies available to start with and the opportunity to leverage that opportunity without increasing your risk of making a bad trading call.

In most markets, you have a large number of options open, and in the last six to seven months, there’s been a huge increase in activity. Are you seeing this increase in volume as traders become smarter?

The trend in volume is pretty good because many more options are open, but the rise in volume has been mainly due to short positions. I don’t know why or how short positions grow such a high rate of action, but it happens in the market.

The best option traders aren’t just looking to make a lot of money in a few days when there may not really be a lot of options trading in that time frame.

You’re also talking about more volatility in the US and Europe now, do you think these events will be good for Bitcoin? Swing Trading: A Beginners Guide to trade and ...

I don’t see it that way. There is the risk that more people are interested in Bitcoin today than ever before, but not because they want to be part of a speculative bubble but because they want to get their hands on it and speculate. In my mind, I don’t think it’s a bubble, but I do think it has to be more properly regulated because there’s no easy way for a normal person to acquire bitcoin in the US anymore.

If you compare the way bitcoin was sold to when it was first launched, which is way back in 2008, what was your experience as a trader?

I was one of the early adopters. I started buying Bitcoin on exchanges like back in 2008 and it took me three years of waiting until the Bitcoin price was at $1,000. Now, I’m seeing bitcoin trading at close to 3,000 per unit which is a lot more than the average of about 1

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