Do professional traders use technical analysis? – Swing Trading Strategy Guide Ally Mcbeal Season

There have been two main tools used by professional trading platforms for calculating returns—the technical analysis tools were developed specifically for long-term traders and have been applied to both short and long-term stocks.

Technical analysis has also become increasingly widespread (including in non-trading platforms), and is used by both long-term and short-term traders. There have been many books, articles, and articles written over the years detailing technical analysis, both in technical analysis tools and its use, and for short and long-term traders alike.

So what is the difference between technical analysis: what is it and why is it used?

While technical analysis has been around for a long time, it didn’t become popular until the 1980s. It is a tradeable indicator, and as a practical matter is less than ideal.

As a tradeable indicator, it can be used in both short- and long-term trading. Technically speaking, technical analysts attempt to understand the fundamental value of a particular security or commodity by analyzing its market characteristics and its expected future price performance. To make their job easier, they typically use different technical indicators to identify the best performing security or commodity for a particular time period. Technical analysts’ most common tools are Bollinger Bands (Bands of a security’s price) and Moving Average (MACD) signals.

While the use of technical analysis in traders’ daily trading involves a much higher level of skill than it does in the other two analytical fields, it still can be a valuable tool. Because it is not an “expert” tool, it does not require extensive memorization and must be applied to specific markets.

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What about trading?

Technical analysis is used extensively in both online and offline trading. Many financial firms already use technical analysis tools (including on websites), and it is now being used by many smaller firms as it is an inexpensive way of monitoring and measuring stocks.

At Paddy Power, we do use technical, as well as other trading strategies. This is because technology plays a huge part in our business too.

“Technically savvy” traders such as ourselves understand the importance of trading based on technical analysis from day one. This is why we have made technical analysis an important part of our business.

It is estimated that at least 20% of financial trading involves technical analysis. Technical analyst is a crucial part of many traders’ everyday life. We see this as valuable to both ourselves and clients.


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