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I like to talk about how you can learn the basics of financial trading using this free course. Then use these online courses to improve your skills and increase confidence, both in your trade and your ability to make smart decisions online based on experience and data.

I’m a trader at my day job, so I understand how trading is a trade for the trader, not the company. I try to trade in the direction I would want to trade, not how I want to trade for the company.

I can’t really trade on Twitter, so please be patient as I try to update this section quickly, and I’m trying to make everything as easy to understand as possible.

If you prefer you can read about it here.

For trading on Instagram, I make a video from scratch, and then a new video is posted every week with my trades.

These videos are my favorites and my most popular, and I feel they’re the best representation of good tips in the market. If you don’t like some of my videos, it doesn’t really make you any less of a trader. It just means you’re not getting as much out of them.

In case you were wondering which Instagram account I use to keep in touch with my trading:

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How to Place a Stop Loss Order When Trading

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