How do people get rich trading stocks? – Swing Trading For Dummies

People with lots of assets — say, they are rich enough to buy and hold stocks for some time.

This requires the skill of investing — but that’s where our skill-sets diverge. We can buy stocks on the market, but we can’t understand markets or evaluate stocks; and unless we have extensive and long-term experience in those areas, we won’t even know what the market is doing well.

What other skills do I need?

An eye for details; a sense of timing; the ability to think outside the box; the ability to listen, to learn, as well as to argue.

And of course an appreciation for history, history of ideas and the broader scope of a market place, of the way this place has evolved to the world we are living in. The more I’m introduced to markets the more I’m impressed by the way in which they have evolved.

I still work with markets: I trade, I buy and sell investments, I help to run the trading departments of a lot of major banks. I also work for an investment-management firm, but the people I work with are generally well-versed in all that markets involve. Most other people I would say don’t have enough education to invest intelligently or to learn markets effectively.

Are there any financial markets that are really big?

Yes, there are. It used to be that the biggest markets were those that were traded daily and those that were traded on a large daily stock exchange. Nowadays, there are usually several big markets — a large weekly stock market, with a major weekend and holiday market — as well as futures markets, and there are hundreds of smaller markets and a huge variety of small markets, as are there with other large businesses.

One day, a new market is born as a way of moving financial markets. And that’s what’s happening with financial indexing now. There’s a group of people in the world that think this is a great idea and a great way to bring money and finance into the lives of people and companies. And so there’s a new, more robust, more successful, and more significant, kind of market: the index of global financial markets. We need a lot more information about our global financial markets.

So, it’s a global markets but also a world markets. The question is not whether there will be major markets in the future. No, they’ll not be. Their value won’t be as large

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