How much does Investors Business Daily cost? – What Is Swing Trading

A one-year subscription to Investors Business Daily is $29.95. To read the entire year, sign-up for an annual subscription.

Does Investors Business Daily deliver breaking news?

Yes, the website has numerous features designed to provide breaking news throughout the year.

Is Investors Business Daily on your preferred list of business websites?

The official Star Trek Continues webcomics are back at it again! We don’t talk about them much yet, because they are still in a pretty rough place, but the last four issues of the comics are now available on Comixology! You can read the issues online at Comicosity, iBookstore, or on the Comixology app, and they all have different covers by Joe Eisma of Star Trek Continues!

Issue 6 – “The Next Generation: Season Four: Part


Star Trek Continues is back to tell one of the best stories of the entire Trek TV series! Join William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as they play along as the Enterprise prepares for a perilous mission. This one is the first of a four-part story, and each chapter begins and ends with a cliffhanger which will be revealed in the fourth episode. These stories are designed to show what happens when you change the Enterprise’s course while in Star Trek’s timeline. Will the crew come to terms with their new reality? Or will the ship be sent into a violent collision for a second time? Find out for yourself in the first two episodes!

Issue 7 – “The Next Generation: Season Four: Part Two”

Star Trek Continues continues to tell the amazing four-part story of the Enterprise crew. As they travel in search of their missing crew mate, Commander Riker finds a very different Federation which is much different from the Federation on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also, Captain Kirk is a much stronger captain than anyone thought possible. This one has been on the backburner since issue #7, but with the launch of the series, they decided to keep things going and finally reveal what it was that Kirk learned from his captain’s logs.

Issue 8 – “The Next Generation: Season Four: Part Three”

In an alternate universe, a young Kirk is assigned to the Enterprise for a mission to rescue a Federation prisoner-of-war ship. He must first rescue his friends from the planet of Kataan. He also gets to meet some familiar faces, including McCoy and Geord

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