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Tradeview is a subscription service based on your location.

How much do you get for each month?

For subscribers who subscribe for at least a year, you get:

Weeks after a series of deadly shootings of police officers across the country, the nation and cities around the nation are still wrestling with the consequences.

The National Officer Safety Institute, the organization that published the study, told The Huffington Post on Tuesday that it hopes the data can “move a conversation forward” about the role of the criminal justice system in protecting officers.

(Theresa May’s office on Tuesday)

At a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron she described President Obama’s “hurt” speech on Syria as an act of “irresponsibility” and “shameful” and insisted Britain should fight terrorism to protect the British people.

Her comments came following a tense and very public discussion with the US president in Downing Street over the UK’s plans to restrict travel to the US from seven countries with links to terrorism or security risk, including Iran.

In a series of tweets, Mrs May said she told her US counterpart the “wrong thing” at a meeting over last week’s Paris attacks had to be made – before moving on.

(Mrs May holds a meeting of the House of Commons’ foreign affairs committee.)

A “brief” investigation by the US Senate intelligence committee into US support for the Islamist fighters in Syria, was apparently “not done very well”, according to one staffer involved.

The unnamed staff member, who asked not to be further identified for fear of retaliation, said staff and interns were initially interviewed at the White House, while the remainder were told to meet officials at NSA headquarters in Washington.

This “briefing” was in an effort to find out if the people making the claims had legitimate information of their own, but after much work on an “ideological” issue it turned into a “waste of time,” the staffer said.

One official told The New York Times the Senate intelligence committee was not interested in anything that might “confront the terrorists”.

The staffer also claimed the staff members were required to “pass on” any uninteresting information to the NSA officials by email. This is illegal and so the staffers were reluctant to provide their own information to the committee at all due to the “unconscious bias” they were experiencing and their worries about repercussions on their careers.

“Staff were told to submit any

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