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How do I add tradeview to my app? I see some error messages during installation or uninstallation

– What is this error?

– What is tradeview?
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– Does tradeview have anything to do with the trade/download button

– Do I have to uninstall iMessage?

– Can i import my data from other apps?

– Is this a crash in my app (for example if i use Facebook Connect on my iPhone)?

– How long will it take to install?

– I’ve bought a new iPhone and am trying to upgrade to iOS9. Is the trade view available in that app? What to do if i’m installing an old version

– When can i receive the upgrade notification with tradeview? Can I manually install the Tradeview app on the new phone?

– Should I upgrade to iOS 9 before trying to upgrade to iOS10? What about upgrading back to iOS7?

All of those questions are answered in the FAQ section or in the help section of your app.

1. What is Tradeview?

If you think of a good name for your app, please do not hesitate to send us it, we would love to implement the feature if asked.

Tradeview was previously known as TradeKit. Tradeview is a new API that allows you to seamlessly interact with other parts of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (like Siri, Notification Center, Mail app, Camera and others) to access information that is stored elsewhere in the operating system. Traders can now read info about the trading markets using their TradeView account, and users can read other user’s trades with full transparency. Trading information can also be viewed by an anonymous user by default. Additionally, traders can set a custom currency and user profile, and you can give a custom name to your app and its content.

2. Where can I get the source code?

You can find the source code and other relevant binaries here.

3. Is this a crash bug?

This is actually a feature, which can occasionally crash the app. It is a feature introduced to ensure that no trader’s trades can be accidentally deleted.

Tradeview is also built on a lot of other frameworks and frameworks that add functionality for your own content, including Mail client, Camera, Calculator, Music player, Calculator.

4. How can I report a bug?

Please send an e-mail to support

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