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Yes. Yes.

When will the game get released?

That’s a big question, and if we get it all locked down that’s a big question.

So why not just release the game?

We were going to be super secretive about it. I thought it’d be cool to put it out in January at the earliest. But then there was a delay and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s okay.’ So it depends on how many people we can get behind this, and if they find it to be in any way exciting. But I don’t know; it may be more a good thing than a bad thing.

Can we expect an expansion pack?


The game is still in alpha, right?

It’s not at all. It’s being developed by a small team and it’s going to get polished and finished as long as we continue to put it out. There’s nothing in the schedule except development and that’s only for the next two months. We’re trying to keep the quality high for the release.

Where do you get your inspiration for the game?

I want to say there’s two sources of inspiration; that’s where we start. Our favorite movies and TV shows and our favorite musicians. I like to play piano at home and the music, when it’s good, always gives us a nice sense of flow and harmony. Sometimes that flows out of the games because it’s a lot of music, and sometimes it’s not. But I also like to listen to a lot of music, and I love being able to be creative in that way.

Are you a game developer yourself?

I have been a game developer before and you never know who might do it next. But now I feel the pressure to be a game creator too and that’s exciting to me.

So what do you do besides work on the game?

I work as a freelance content creator.

That’s a big difference to me.

I use WordPress and Google Analytics to put myself in the shoes of someone who doesn’t know many tools. They don’t have the tools, and so they end up making videos and doing all these things because they don’t know how to handle the tools. I like to make videos and I think it’s fun to learn how to use tools and be a developer.

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Do you have a lot of other skills besides games?

Oh yeah.

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