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There is a very strong, very strong argument that we have laws in this country that ought to be amended, not eliminated. I think what we have with the current law, the law we voted on, is going to be struck or modified.

It will be struck down if we can’t get the Republicans to cooperate. And I think if we had a Republican president, a Republican Congress, and a Republican secretary of housing and urban development, we could get something done.

But there is a great deal of interest in our nation. The President is going to take another look at our country. It is a very important factor in the election. But in the end, the most important part, what matters a great deal is to come up with solutions for our people, particularly the people that are unemployed, who are on the verge of unemployment.


MR. CROWLEY: Well, I think it is an important point. When the American people ask me who our top choice for President is, I will tell them who we have in. And so we need to get over that.

We’ve got a lot of time left to be debating this, but I think we need to make this the centerpiece of the campaign for the next four years. And that was a central theme of the Republican National Convention.

And this is just another factor. President Obama talks about the middle class. I am the only one in this race who knows the middle class. I think it’s time for us to talk about the middle class. I think we need to see a real improvement in our economy and to bring people who have been left behind from the first world into the middle class. In fact, I want to say, we need a tax cut for the middle class for President Obama’s second term.

And so it is an important time for us to make this a central part of our economic message, which we’re going to try to do.

HURD: Thank you.

Mr. President, Governor Romney, I’m wondering, Mr. President. You’ve been governor three out of the last four years, you’ve been criticized for not providing a full-blown healthcare plan. And it’s clear that both you and Governor Romney want to eliminate some of the most onerous and expensive mandates that have been imposed on individuals to purchase health insurance.

And both of you have said that you see Medicare as providing

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