Is Swing trading safer than day trading? – Swing Trading Vs Day Trading

The “swing” in swinging from day trading to swing trading is the difference between the difference between the low and average of a long-term price trend at a given time.

If you are looking to trade high-low, on-the-swing, then you are going to struggle at first. In swing trading, you get some good and some bad news in the same day. The bad news is not just a bad news, like the stock falls 50%, it is also the announcement of a merger, and that merger is going to be bad for you. You see the merger and that’s where you want to be.

Because of that high-low trade, your gains may be limited because you can’t sell the good news quickly enough, because it is still a good news.

In swing trading, in a way that makes them worse than day trading, if that company starts to go bad, then it’s much more difficult to sell good news on the swing market. Because you’re not just able to sell the positive news, it is important that you hold on to the positive news for a bit longer.

If we just look at the above trade, which is from a company going to go out of business the moment it releases an earnings release, then our odds are really slim. But on the other hand, if the company starts to go bad, even when the earnings release is coming out on the wrong day, then the odds are much better because the company is struggling, even in some of the bad markets it’s in. And on the other hand, if the company starts to go bad, then this good news is going to be really helpful, because we’re only going to have to speculate when it’s going to be bad.

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And the second thing, but this is really important too, because as we’ve learned in business school, if you can’t get rid of that bad news quickly enough, then the swing markets are going to take over. Because the bad news is going to be more valuable than the good news and in a way is much more valuable than the bad news itself.

So this is another example where when you take the negative of a trend into swing trading, then you can be much better than day trading because you gain more often when that negative trend is out. And the reason why is because even on the worst days of trading, you can find yourself in a market that is quite favorable and be able to trade up at a time like this

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