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1.) Overvalued stock. You don’t want to sell your top pick because you want to beat his price. You want to take over and make it all the way to the cash because you think you are the only one that can. Overvalued stocks are generally ones that you don’t care about in the short term, and if they go to $3-$5, that’s probably a bad call.

2.) Undervalued stock. You might be the first to call “overvalued” when the price is low, but the other way around, if someone is taking advantage of that low price, and if your stock is trading undervalued right now – this is a good time to pull.

3.) Undervalued stock. You also aren’t going to beat what you already have invested into. You might end up with a really high risk if others follow in your footsteps.

I know I’ve said it before, but we all have to win our own lottery.

I’ve never owned stock in the stock market in my life, and my stock trades, but I’ve watched stocks go up and down in real-time for over a decade. Now I think you should too! In fact, if you want to beat your opponent’s price, I think you need to know the market in great detail.

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