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Which stocks do I want to invest into in the next six months? How do I pick stocks without knowing the name of a company? These are the questions you will have to answer when you pick up your first investment.

When you begin trading, you will have at least a few minutes to assess what you want to bet on. These factors include long/short positions (long stocks and short companies), and momentum. These factors will influence your buying/selling strategy and will affect your expected return.

The Best Stock Pickers

If you do decide on the stock pick you want to buy, the next step is to decide when you want to start trading. This will come down to two different questions:

Where should I buy from? Which stock is most likely to move my direction?

When should I start trading?

The Best Stock Pickers Start Trading When: December

Why Start Trading:

The best stock pickers do two things: 1) They set up their trading positions before the market begins to open, and 2) they don’t trade until the trading opens. If no trading begins until December, the best stock pickers will have no need to move. You will be able to see how long it is that the stock picks are paying on its way up/down in price.

When to Start Trading:

Many people begin trading as early as 8AM. If the stock picks aren’t paying and you didn’t place any orders just before it opened then trading will continue until the end of trading, or the market closes. Even if a stock pick hasn’t started paying and you still have no orders, you can still move ahead even if there’s still no trading.

After December 1st, a stock picker may not always be able to profit from its price move. In this case, he or she will continue trading until the price is back to the same level as a week ago or the price is higher than a week before that, whichever ends up being the longest time period to gain profits. Many stock pickers will not be profitable at the peak price of their first trade, and even those with the best of intentions and most disciplined strategies will still lose some money every day that stocks don’t close at or below their peak on the market.

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