What is a price swing? – Swing Trading For Dummies By Omar Bassal

A price swing is a change in a price. Price swings occur when the price of a share changes over time due to a change in your market timing (market timing is how your price changes as the price moves in the direction you expect it to move). If you have not put much of a trade into it so far, then this price change might not come up in your trading and you may miss a big opportunity. You will almost certainly end up losing money if you don’t start putting a lot of work into it. Price swings, of course, are common in markets that are moving in a straight line.

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If all the shares on a stock are identical with one exception, then the trading strategy can work for you. When you are trading in this case, you can be certain that you will get the same amount of money or less than you initially expected. Remember, if the market’s price changes, so can your initial calculation. To have a strong trade, this method usually has to be used for multiple orders.

Why is a price move in your mind a good thing?

If you don’t put enough effort into making a position to make money, then your return on investment will be much lower than you originally expected. As a result, it can be useful to think about price movements in such a way that they help you decide what is in the best long-term position. The following three factors, in order, should help you decide when to sell for a small gain or sell big for a big gain.

You will have an expectation of the potential increase of your share price

The potential rise in the share price is expected to be large enough to justify buying a large position (see How To Sell Stock).

The price movement is small enough to justify buying or selling a small position (see How To Buy Stock).

The potential increase of your share price is large enough to justify selling only small positions.

If you do choose to try and sell a small position, then you will generally need to find a place to sell large positions to. That takes a bit of planning. You will find a list of places to sell (or buy) large positions on the Internet. In general, they come in three shapes:

Online: you can see a list of places to sell your shares on every major social network, and there are multiple market makers (marketmakers are people who sell shares in order to make money). For this strategy you will also need a computer

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