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Swing charts are basically a chart that shows the value of an asset on a particular day. Essentially, an asset’s value is determined primarily by factors related to its price on a particular day. A swing chart is often used to show that asset on a particular day.

In addition to the specific date of the purchase, swing charts can also be built with the following factors:

Historic information is available

This is a very popular option. It can be used to check whether the price has risen or fallen relative to the long-term average prices of all exchanges.


This can be used to find out when a new technology will arrive or when a piece of information that a person just learned about will affect the market in some way. It is often done to give an accurate price prediction about what this technology will do. Forecasting software often helps people decide when the market will be in a bubble or when the new technology will do very well; it can help them to get what they want in anticipation of the price of the new technology becoming mainstream.


Sellers and buyers tend to use this chart most of the time.

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Price Indicator

A price indicator (also called a price curve or an implied price) plots the change in price as percent of the long term average and is usually constructed to help identify prices of interest, such as the price of a digital watch, a company’s stock, or a particular type of bond that is being sold.

The indicator can have a wide range of meanings. For example, in the event of a bubble market, the indicator can represent the movement of the market that begins a cycle and ends with a high after being in low at the beginning of a new cycle. In a bear market or a depression, the indicator can represent the market that begins a cycle and ends in low after being in high.

I just made this thread to show some examples of how to do the same with a game of pool.

I wanted to do the same with “Litecoin 2.0” but I only got access to the testnet. If there is a better way to do this I’d love to know. Thank you in advance, all the code and data are available on Github

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