What is scalping in stock trading? – Best Stocks For Swing Trading In India

I’m afraid the answer to that question is “No one knows.”

But since the book and the movie came out of the box with the premise of making it seem like a real thing, it is a real thing. At least for many.

In fact, I have been a stock-trading whiz for 27 years. I have seen the rise and fall of stock markets all over the world with respect to the performance of the stock market. I’ve watched the market go up and down in a matter of hours and also saw it drop and rise and fall in a matter of hours. I have learned a lot and probably lost a lot of money investing in stocks.

But I did learn something that nobody understands. Most people get caught up in the emotion of this or that stock, the idea of gaining a certain amount of money and losing so much, and think that’s why stock markets are sometimes lousy, too. And you’d be right if you said every time stocks went up, we lost money, but that is not quite the case.

Stock charts show the performance of a stock. It’s called price/earnings or P/E. But a stock chart shows you something far more important: It shows your company’s market value, or the number of shares it has for sale. If you sell a stock at just the right time, all these numbers change drastically. One minute, you are going to make money, the next minute, you’re going to lose money. If you sell it too fast, the market will take all the shares from your company at once.

If you sell a stock just before it goes up 30%, you do not lose anything. You can still make money for a year or two at the expense of your stock because your shareholders are going to have less than 30% of your company’s price. The same, but slightly more, happens if you sell the stock right after it goes up a 20%.

Let’s imagine you get a call from your stockbroker that there is a new stock that you bought for $20 and that it is going up 30%. In those kind of moments, it is very easy even to lose $100 per share in market value.

Now let’s say something weird occurs: A third-party says to you, “It looks like you are going to make $300 in two or three weeks. If you can make $250 in two months then you could make a million.” That’s not very fair

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