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To better understand swing trading strategy we have to look at what a successful swing trader means. As mentioned earlier, a successful swing trader is someone who:

Has a very low turnover rate (typically less than 20%)

Uses strategies that are efficient, time-wise/macro-wise

Maintains a low volatility (less than 5%) in their portfolio

Is able to stay on top of what the market needs

Swing trading involves the use of strategy and trading tactics to outperform the market. A successful trader will find a way of reducing costs, maximizing profits, and/or getting better returns than the market is able to deliver (at least in part).

How do I begin?

Here are some basics to get you going:

First, know about your broker and get a list of their trading platforms. This list is a great resource for finding out if a particular broker is able to trade as well as any other broker on the market and what trades to look for or avoid. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for trading platforms that offer high-speed FX, which is a great way to make some quick money.

Your first trading platform in your network (and one that will work for you) will be your broker. You do not even need to be a registered trader yet (as long as you have access to a trading platform) to use this information.

Be sure to check out your broker (either on their website or in their mobile app). This information can give you a great idea of how they plan to offer you the trading platform that best suits your trading style. You will generally find these platforms on the top side of their pages, at the top of the menu bar, or on their home page.

Next, decide on the trading platform and platform type of service you will want. This will affect how you get traded (if at all).
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I have created a handy guide here to help answer this question: What Types of Trading Platform Should I Use? (If you are a beginner, you really can’t afford any other services besides that.)

I have created a handy guide here to help answer this question : How to Build a Trading Platform

To get started, ask your broker to send you a letter about the trading platform you are interested in, and how it will be implemented. For example, if you are interested in trading using FX platforms, ask your broker if they offer a trading

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