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It depends on how much you’re trading.

Most professionals make between $1 to $10,000 annually, but many low-level traders work much less than that. A small percentage of swing traders make more than that, but even more work less than that a single day.

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Do my trading moves pay off or not?

Traders often make money in swings. But most trades do not pay off for them. The vast bulk of traders get nothing out of their trading positions.

How much are other people paid to trade and how do I make money?

Most people who trade make from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand for a two- or three-day trading day โ€” a few days trading every week, a few days every month, a few weeks or a month per year.

However, traders also usually trade for a few million or a billion dollars a year.

Which is how much I’ll make if I do the same thing forever?

The exact answer depends on the market.

For example, if you bought at the bottom of the price swing in the market, if it were to move up, you might make more money in the stock market while the market is rising even though you traded in the opposite direction.

If that market fell by 50ยข or $1 or $2 or $3 or whatever, you would have made less money.

So, as you move through the market, you want to have strong, solid, consistent buying power. That means you want to buy the same amount of shares each day. You want to buy a lot of shares each day. That way, buying will not have major ups and downs every day.

If your buying power is just right, you can make more in the stock market without making a lot of money. But there are some big, slow moving swings, such as the Dow-1000, which could still result in some losses.

If you are trading during a huge, bull market for stocks, you may find you want to hedge your position. For example, if you are short stocks, you might buy a large number of stocks in one day, hoping the market would move up, or sell more stocks in the next day to try to prevent the market from dropping.

Do I ever stop trading?

If you are trading at the peak of a swing, which is usually a short-term rally, you are likely to see a decrease

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