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We do this by looking at how much money a large percentage of the entire group make in the same year from the same source. Most traders who do good trade make very very small percentages (less than 0.6%). The average is about 10%.

If you’re still not making money in a month, it’s probably time to change your trades or go back to a less profitable trading style. I recommend going back to the old trading style and trading as close as possible to the cost for the day, not just for that day. You’re just trading at a loss now, so you’ll need to earn and lose more before you’ll be profitable.

What I know now

In the old system, you could earn and lose $0.02 per day trading at a loss on your new trades, but in the new system, that’s not possible. You must earn between $0.06 and $0.07 in the month before you can trade profitably. If you earn $0.06 per day during the month and lose only $0.02, you’ll trade $0.10 per day while still losing 1.3 cents of profit per day (or $46.38 per month).

That’s not very much profit for trading. If I’m only earning $0.06 per day, how long do I have to trade to break even? I’ll continue to trade at a loss in order to lose more and earn more, but I’ll never get to the point where I can use that loss to make money.

One common strategy for trading profitably is to make low-cost, low-risk trades at an angle (the “short side”). The long side is the best choice for most traders right now, but it’s not always possible with the new trading system.

I think the best way to learn the new trading system is through trial and error (and lots of mistakes). You need to practice, but you don’t need to win, or even take losses while you practice. The key to trading on the new trading system is the ability to trade like the pros for as little as $0.04 (less than 10%). You just have to earn money, but you don’t need to win.

For example, the average margin of a trade is $10. That means for $4, you have to trade for $10 or less. That’s not a lot of money in today’s market. But if you play for less than

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