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One of the most obvious questions to ask about forex trading is “what is the best app for forex trading?”, and that is something we will not address for this blog post. For these reasons, the market analysis part of our mobile app will be dedicated to Forex trading, but it contains a few other features as well; it can also be used to analyze stock market performance as for example the stock market is more and more automated, i.e. trading on stock market is almost like playing computer games.

The most important function of our app is being able to track daily market progress in our Forex trading platform, we call it “Forex Tracking”. For this purpose, the Forex Tracking section of our app has two sections – trading and market (we call all the other elements of the app trading section). The trading section consists of our Forex Trading tab and our charting (stocks only) section. This makes it very easy to track the performance of each position. Moreover, the Forex trading section also includes a calendar, displaying daily results for all the stocks we track. This is very helpful as it simplifies daily monitoring of market results and allows you to focus on the important areas. Besides, you can easily switch between stocks in a certain trade at any time, while showing all the details on your screen.


What is the best forex trading tool? For this question we will consider the same question as “which app is good for forex trading?”

As we all know, investing in stocks is more than trading. With the proper investing strategy in place, your investments will become much more stable and also better when you exit the business. Therefore, forex trading, for this reason, is a good investment for investors with a plan to invest in the stock market.

While we think this is a good general rule, not every investor understands this and needs to think about different types of investments, for example, in the tech sector, there are many different investment platforms. To learn about the Forex Trading platform available on your devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), you can look for an investment platform by your device in the market explorer. However, the best way to start is to take stock markets in your country and try to find out whether our Forex Trading platform is an appropriate choice for you, as we have written in more details here.

Forex charts as a part of our Forex tracking app

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