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You are on the right track here. The chart shows the chart for each day between 11am and 7pm.

In the chart below, the “T” indicates where the value is trending upwards:

Here is how the price chart will look for day 1 of the bull run.

Day 1 is clearly the highest point for the “T” trend line, but how much of an upward move will the trend on day 2 of our bull run take?

Day 2 will determine how much of the price trend line will be moving.

Here is a look at the trend lines on day 2 of the bull run:

The bullish trend is continuing on day 2, which means we have a decent chance for another strong move.

And if we were to make that move then it has the potential to give the market another huge rally.

If we are in fact the next big move, then by the end of this month we could easily see an uptick in the price.

What would be the best time to trade this market?

There are no definite answers to this question, but in our opinion the best time to get in now is the third and final day when the “S” will break above the chart for the first time at 11am.

In our opinion, with the current level of support for the “S” then we shouldn’t hesitate to get in.

But if the price breaks below the chart and we are sitting on support for a move over, which would give us the biggest swing?

The third and final day above the “S” could be the best time to get in now.

We would be betting on what happens next on day 3 of our bull run.

How important is the day 4 price move?

The price pattern of the last two days is strong, but is it strong enough to support a move or even break the top of the trend line?

Our opinion here is very important because the price pattern we are trying to establish (which is the bulls and bears in our opinion, which also holds true for most market events) is very rare.

What other factors could be influencing this decision?

It is very difficult to know just like any other market, what factors could be influencing our decision.

But we know if day 4 does not move then we are going to be very disappointed.

So don’t expect to see any major moves today either

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