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This section compares the performance of all types of trading in the market and looks at the difference between a high and a low.

How does the chart below compare to the past?

For a chart to match a data point it must meet these criteria:

The chart has to be reasonably large. The chart has to show both positive and negative data. The chart has to be within 2 months of the data point on the same line as shown.

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A new study reveals that while Americans are much more likely to read comic books, there is less interest and knowledge about science fiction and fantasy in general – except for children.

The study was conducted at the University of British Columbia by the University of British Columbia Center for the Study of Social Media in association with the Canadian Media Institute as part of the Global Survey of Science, Technology and Religion 2014. The results include data from over 40,000 Americans and Canadian adults across age groups, gender and geographic locations.

The study indicates that while more than seven-in-ten American adults (69%) and approximately 66% of Canadian adults own comics, adults in the United States are significantly less likely to own science fiction and fantasy books than those in Canada.

On the other hand, Canadian adults (60%) are significantly MORE likely to own comics than their American counterparts (44%). However, Canadians are slightly more likely than Americans (38%) to own comic books that are available as an e-book or digital-only version.

Comic book readership in the United States is higher than in Canada – both are roughly twice as numerous as the next highest, with more than two-thirds of U.S. adults currently in the comics market. However, Canadian comics consumers are slightly less likely to own these titles.

When asked of specific genre or character interests, American adults (68%) are more likely to be interested in comic book, comics that are “comics that have supernatural, fantasy and science fiction elements, superheroes, etc.” while Canadian adults (58%) are more interested in comics that are “comic books that have action, adventure and thriller elements, vampires and werewolves and superheroes.”

Among Canadians, interest in comics is more equal across all genres, with 61% of adults in the Canadian sample being interested in comics based on the genre of the title.


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