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The best indicator for swing trading is when you can make a profit with just a few trades. If that sounds like an overly complicated idea, then you are exactly right. It’s incredibly difficult to predict if a stock is going to go up or down based on just a few seconds of trading. But, when you are able to make profit and even profit big, it can be quite an indication of potential bullishness on the stock. So, it’s something you should remember for future trade opportunities. If you are not really good at this stuff (more on this later), don’t worry. But do keep an eye out for future big moves. As long as the stock is up or down a few points in a 24-hour period without having missed a beat, there is a good chance that you will make a quick profit without too much of a struggle.

As to the other part of the equation, what are the risks to your trading activity? The obvious risk is losing money. But, if you are a long-term, disciplined trader, then this is a non-issue. Of course, if you are trading for the pure purpose of gaining, then this is a different story. But as long as you are doing this for the purpose of getting an advantage over your competition, there is nothing to worry about. This is true even if it is in reverse, which should be a safe thing to do.

There are a couple of different risk factors you should think about when it comes to stock trading. They are:

The number of market opportunities you have

The amount of time between your last market opportunity and your next market opportunity

The degree of accuracy of your price prediction

And, finally, the risk of insider info from another industry
Simple Swing Trading Strategy

If you are like most traders, you may be doing a lot of trading in a very limited amount of time. So to optimize this, you don’t want to do this with more than two or three stocks. In order for you to keep up with your competitors, you should use a portfolio that is very large so that your trades can be in sync with the moves in the market.

The Best Trading Trades and When to Use Them

As you can see, there isn’t a magic formula here and that’s exactly why it is important to understand what the best performing trades are and when to use them. But, if you want to optimize your trading strategy to maximize profits, then you are going to need to know why exactly

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