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Time frame (1-10) I’ll tell myself the market is going to move up or down based on my own strategy. The idea when I started trading was to figure out something that worked. I’ll pick 1 or 2 stocks and then trade for 1-3 days and tell myself that it will happen over the next week or so. This is because it’s a relatively fast way to get a feel and then jump to whatever my strategy is. When there was a bear market, I went off, and it was fun at first, but because I had too many losses, I got burned out. Now I have a “trading” style and really like it. I’ll try as many times as necessary to find that trade.

This question is for everyone. The answer here is “Never.”

Are you a trader, or do you like to trade for fun?

Trader A: The only thing is trade at a high level, like a broker, not in a portfolio. Trading involves much of the same psychological thinking that goes along with trading in a stock. I like having the discipline to try as many time frames as I can find, but this is not something I do without a trade.

Are you comfortable in your own money, or are you doing this for the pleasure of it?

Trader B: I’m comfortable in my own money, and there are times when I have to borrow money out of it or buy something to do it. For now though, I will be doing my own trading. It’s much more enjoyable than the kind of trades which are “I have to have 3 months to do a trade or it’s all gone in 8 minutes.”

What is your biggest weakness?

Trader A: This is impossible. I don’t know if it’s too many or too little. It’s the whole market fluctuating. It can never be what you need to beat an index and it never is what you can do with your portfolio. I like using my time to make the market move or predict what the market will do.

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Trader B: My biggest weakness was probably that I was too passive with my portfolio. I was buying and holding stocks at a fairly aggressive pace.

What has been your most memorable experience in trading?

Trader A: I have quite a few, though this is my favorite experience. My most rewarding trades from trading were a combination of buying a stock, selling it, buying something

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