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There are many types of trading strategy depending on your market conditions and you want to be specific.

I recommend you read all the articles in this section and if you have any questions please open a question in our Forum. We are happy to discuss your business.
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What is your trading strategy and what does it mean to you?

When an industry or an asset is changing, you will want to make a change too.

This means you may prefer to trade in a sector where prices are lower because it usually means better returns over the long term.

You may also want to trade for longer term gains or to protect your capital because of the higher risk.

Why do you trade?

Whether you are trading for personal or professional gain is down to your personal reasons.

We are not against trading, but this page seeks to help your decision-making process.

If you want to trade for your personal gain then it is important to understand the factors which lead you to a decision.

Read the articles and look at our Trading Checklists to make sure it is worth buying or selling at this moment in time.

What do you really do with the profits you earn in your Trade?

This part of your trading strategy is where the profit is made. How much it is and how it is distributed between assets and stocks.

If you are not sure what assets you trade in, please find out your trade order books and follow the links below to find out what stocks to trade:

What are your Trading Checklists?

These guides are meant to give you general tips on how to trade different asset classes.

The guides cover a wide variety of situations both within the stock market and from a financial standpoint.

While the guides are not meant to be read on a regular basis, they help give you an overview of the current situations within asset classes.

To download the guides

We recommend you browse over the links below:

When you have read the guides above you, your trading needs to be updated to reflect the changes the markets have made. There is a huge cost to making these adjustments and you are doing so at risk.

Where do you get your trading data?

There are many different trading data providers such as Oanda, Tradingview for example.

They provide their clients with financial reports with a wide range of information such as the performance, price and volume of assets traded on various

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