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The wealthiest days traders are from the UK and Northern Ireland, according to the figures.

UK day traders were also the single biggest investors, with the largest deposits in the entire UK.

More than four in ten of the wealthiest traders took their own money out during the trading day.

The top five investors at that point were investment company director, the largest deposit taken out was from a hedge fund manager and most of the top ten money buyers were from the UK and Northern Ireland.

The results also show that people in the UK and Northern Ireland were the top cash out goers.
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The top of the wealth distribution is the same in the UK as in the rest of the UK.

More than 90 per cent of Britain’s wealthiest people are self-made men and women.

In the United States, some states — Massachusetts, for example — have begun requiring that people obtain medical care at least once a year. In Finland, where you can be prosecuted for refusing food or water when you’re sick, the idea is that you need to see a doctor when you’re sick and that the government can use that evidence to send you to a doctor when you need it, though they won’t be able to punish you because you refuse care.

These reforms — called universal health care here in the United States, though not in Finland — have been criticized as being too generous — or as being too harsh, for instance. While the Finnish government doesn’t set the rate at which we can be forced to join them, there are some other measures to make sure people get their medical care and that the government won’t be able to use that information to put anyone in jail.

I asked Professor Marjalina Ziska, a law professor at Aalto University in Finland and an expert on universal health care, what her colleagues thought about her efforts to introduce a new rule about care and what it might mean when you have a medical condition like diabetes (that requires insulin to treat it). I also asked her to look at some common stereotypes and see how she intended to push through these reforms.

VICE: What exactly is the Finnish system to prevent such conditions causing people trouble?

Marjalina Ziska: There is a rule of thumb when working with patients in the medical field that you need to think about risk factors that go in with diabetes. The type of test, the length, the frequency [of the insulin injections], the dose, the hospitalization period

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