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It’s been thought that chewing gum can help thin the skin around the mouth, which can lead to thinner lips.

The effect is seen in a study of people who had developed ‘moustache cancer’ where they’d been taking oral chemotherapy.

In the study, researchers from the University of Northampton had 20 people with normal-to-severe moustache cancer chew a specially designed gum and measure the thickness of their moustache using a microscope.

The gum was then destroyed with radiation – something no other medical treatment was able to achieve and which didn’t produce any side effects.

Dr Daniel McGearty, lead author of the study at the university, told MNT:

“There’s still a lot we don’t know about chewing gum, but this study suggests chewing gum may reduce face fat.

“These results could also have implications for those of us who may be concerned about eating too much refined sugar and processed food as well as being overweight.”

He said chewing gum might help reduce your risk of developing certain cancers, and might increase your intake of antioxidants.

How do we chew gum?

The majority of Americans chew gum, and it’s not that uncommon to see them sitting in cafe lines or sitting in your car seat, but does chewing gum really help people lose weight?

According to the FDA:

“Gum is basically water that’s used to chew gum.”

So what’s in chewing gum?

To make that chewing gum, you get the carbohydrates from gum, like glucose.

A lot of people don’t realise how common this is.

In 2015, in the United States alone, an estimated one in every five American adults were getting calories from sweetened soft drinks, food and drinks, and a significant proportion of these beverages were from soft drinks.

The main sources of carbohydrates in soft drinks are sugar in sugar-sweetened milkshakes and fruit juices, and the sugar in soda products like soda milk.

One of the reasons food companies want more sugar is so they can make these sodas and juices artificially sweetened.

That does mean that these products are more palatable on a stomach than a person who doesn’t have the ability to hold onto the sugar.

So how do you get the nutrients?

A lot of people get their carbohydrate intake from food. We know that many of the carbohydrates in diet sodas don’t provide your body with

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