Does iron pills cause weight gain? – Men’s Weight Loss Diet Plans

Yes, they do. Many of them.

If your mother doesn’t eat anything, she’ll get plenty of iron—and some other iron-rich compounds. She’ll also get iron in her diet—usually from fat—from her meat, vegetables, meat products—including eggs—and dairy products. These sources provide her with both the iron she needs and some of the iron that she doesn’t.

When you have many things in your diet that provide you with lots of iron, it gets carried along to your bones and your liver and your fat stores. That, in turn, makes your muscles more iron-rich and gives you a fat buildup that causes weight gain in part because you’re not eating enough iron-rich foods.

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In addition, some iron compounds come in food with an additive called ferrous ferrocyanide (Fe2+). The main ingredient in Fe2+ is not iron. That fact can help explain how some supplements work, others do not, and some may have side effects.

If your mom isn’t eating anything, she probably gets plenty of iron—and some else as well. Those include:

Beef (including the red and “beefy” cut, such as Canadian)

Cattle (including the brown and “lean”—such as lean red and “sausage”—cut)

Beef and mutton products from grass-fed cattle (including grass-fed beef from the beefiest ruminants or the beefiest cuts of white and rump steers)

Dairy products

Fish (such as trout of all sizes and species)

Ghee (the oil made from the fat in cow’s milk) (if she uses it, she’s getting an extra dose of iron)

Fat and butter products

Fat-rich plant foods like lentils and beans.

It was this last group that I found in my studies with two groups of young women, ages 19 to 22. One group received no supplements at all, and the other received some sort of supplement of the type that some other vitamin experts recommend.

The study took place between August 2004 and August 2005 in four gyms across the U.S.—and two years later, I had the exact same study done with an even larger number of young women.

Both groups of women got their daily allowance of iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, and zinc between 6 a.m. and 10 a.

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