Does water fasting slow metabolism? – Healthy Weight Loss Per Month

I have no doubt that the effect of water fasting is to reduce insulin, that is, to slow down the release of blood glucose from the cells. The fasting blood glucose is lowered by 25%.

Many studies show a very large and significant effect of water fasting on fasting lipid levels – this effect of water fasting in all forms of fat oxidation is probably of a general biological nature, and therefore it must be considered in weight maintenance or a reduced BMI.

In many studies water-fed diets are followed by a loss in fat – i.e. they actually induce metabolic and fat-loss, and this effect seems to be even in obese people, i.e. they even lose body fat.

I can see how water fasting works – in fact I cannot see any reason why one would not find such a thing to be effective for weight maintenance.

What can I eat?

I would recommend avoiding the following foods during a water-fasting state:

Soybean oil

Soybean flour

Milk and dairy products (especially whole milk)


I would also suggest avoiding certain fruits and vegetables. This in itself would be probably of no consequence for the body, as it is all very well that we have evolved and evolved, but if they are needed during long-term abstinence we are all for sure going to be hungry and for sure going to be very thirsty for most of the day.

One should also think for a moment if water-fasting was really necessary after all…

How does water fasting affect pregnancy?

This has not been investigated carefully enough and has not been studied very much, but it appears that it does significantly affect pregnancy (at least during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy). One of the reasons which it is so important for women to avoid drinking alcohol in general during pregnancy is that as it lowers blood sugar and glucose levels and also changes blood vessels, it leads to an altered hormonal response to food, which is another of my main reasons that women should avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

When I eat a meal, I always do so with a bit of effort. So to avoid this and to keep my digestive system working I have, if possible, a small drink of water after every meal. It works much better than the artificial sweetener of water, which often, if not always, tastes like sugar and therefore makes many people unable to tolerate it as they feel they would want to “drink”

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