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My weight loss was so rapid I was eating 3 big meals a day and then on the third evening I ate two small meals. As I lost weight, the weight slowly began rolling back. Now, when I go up the stairs, every step is a challenge which makes the weight easier to come off.

My favourite trick

At first, I used to carry a few pieces of plastic tubing across a large wooden plank to help my weight loss. Now I no longer need it, as I just lift myself up myself from below and the weight just falls off on its own. If I’m in a rush, I just lift all 4 sides of the platform. Or, I will carry a plastic bag across the platform, so I can carry a large piece of paper along with me. After eating the weight off, I simply lift it in front of my face and it falls off on its own. If I see any pieces of paper, I simply pick them up and carry it across the platform – it really works.

What I didn’t realise was that when I dropped this bag on my body, the weight was gone. I still have the feeling of it on my thighs and the bags sometimes appear next to me on my chest. It is like the weight only goes somewhere – it has never taken hold on my ribs.
Celine Dion Wishes Twins Eddy and Nelson Happy Birthday ...

It is quite a feat, it takes a great deal of effort. We are always trying to keep the process as low level as possible, from the design of the circuit to making it all work together, so the actual circuit is rather easy to put together (especially on a single board).

The original plan was for the circuit to be used for the control of the car, like changing the ignition and everything. We’ve found that just about anything can be done with that circuit in theory.

The car does not like to have people touching it and it would be good to leave that to the professionals.

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AUSTIN — It was about as hard to find a meeting place as one can imagine for three people who spent more than a half-century fighting for their lives at the end of the Civil War.

“There was nowhere I could go,” says Albert Lee, now 86, who joined a small group walking along the river in March 1865.

About 300 days on, there was room across the river in the San Jacinto Cemetery of the City of Austin, an unusual location for three men who died during a violent shootout

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