How can I lose 5kg in 2 weeks? – Smoothies With Almond Milk For Weight Loss

My weight lost on the diet has been 5.5lb, this means that I am still 5.5kg heavier than when I started. As I am still working out to get healthy all the time I am not planning to lose any more weight this year. Although it won’t take long, I might drop a little bit next year once I have more stability in my weight and work out.

How can I get back some of that 6kg that I lost?

The diet also has some really fantastic side effects. My weight loss is very steady and not erratic.

When the diet ended I did not lose a huge amount of weight. You will see the weight comes back after a short spell, this is due to my internal metabolism stabilising after a week of weight loss.

How long am I still under the weight loss phase?

During the diet I lost 6.5lb, you can see that my BMI had been creeping up from 18.5 to 21 (for the record I am 18.6). And although I dropped another 5.5lb by the next day the body is in recovery mode for a short while.

This might explain why your weight does not continue to drop all the way to 10% over a few weeks. Because your stomach slowly releases a lot of food and you continue to eat. So you don’t see a dramatic increase in weight right from day 1. This is one of the reasons why I still lose some weight in these two weeks of the diet.

The diet really seems to work if we do not have a sudden weight loss event, which seems to be happening more often. One of the most common things you hear people say is “I can lose over 20lb if I did the diet”. Actually the fact that the 6.5lb that I gained is not very noticeable to everyone means that there are still some people who can lose more that 20lb by diet.

How long am I still maintaining the weight?

Since I started I have lost 6.5lb (5.5kg is the new 5.1kg) of weight and my weight has been fluctuating between 18.5 and 21 (I am 18.7) for the past 7 weeks (I have been underweight for most of the past years). It seems that the diet has worked for me because I have not seen any weight loss, though I might see this in a couple of weeks.

This might be due to my

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