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I have no idea how to start a workout routine, but I am pretty sure this question comes up a lot. Here are a few tips you may find helpful: How to start a workout routine How to get started with weightlifting If you want to begin working out on your own I’m a fan of the Beginner Body Building Program

What is the difference between a beginner and intermediate level program? When you get into weightlifting you will find that you need to find some general rules to stay on track when you are a beginner. For example, beginner athletes do not want to lift weights heavier than 300 pounds. They like to do exercises with a little more variety. The intermediate level weightlifting programs also vary a lot in their emphasis but in general they are based of basic training principles and will be useful for someone that needs to begin a program. In general you will want to keep the weight on the bar to the middle of your weight range. The goal is to get to a maximum number of repetitions and to make sure you are doing your total body strength and endurance first. You should not focus on the weight you can lift while in this phase, but rather focus on your overall body strength and endurance.
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What should I do with my time in the gym when I am a beginner? If you are a beginning weightlifter and are starting out, you will probably want to stick with the Basic Body Building Program, that will give you some general ideas about how to progress. Once you start to build some strength, then do some exercises and do some exercises with different rep ranges and weight. After you hit a certain weight, then you can concentrate on your max body weight and start to add more weight. When you are in the intermediate level range, there is a little more focus on strength than you did before so this is especially relevant for those that are starting out. This is good because if you really feel the need to put in some work you should be able to get to a weight that will get you that strength just through regular practice of regular lifts. If you are a intermediate level lifter, you will want to begin with the Intermediate Body Building Program, which is based on some general principles, and then develop a program based on specific exercises to build your overall strength. If you are a beginner it really is all up to you, you will probably want to work up to one or two sets of heavy weight and then move on.

How do I keep lifting when I am a beginner? When you start training for

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