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This page describes many types of workouts that you can do to burn fat, boost your workouts for cardio exercises and help you get a lean and toned body!

I’d like to use this program. How?

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Why would some people not give program results?

In general, people fail at building muscle. For years, people tried doing one-month routines and never seem to build any muscle at all. But this page and all these other answers in forums and other places tells you that you must do a minimum of 12 weeks of training per month in order to build muscle. The program isn’t going to build anything unless you lift weights at least three times per week (or you can gain weight with your workouts with this program too!). So, if you don’t lift at all (a few days every week) or have lost a bunch of muscle mass, you aren’t really going to build any muscle with this program. But it is still useful for your overall training program.

What am I missing?

The program isn’t really complex or in any way difficult. Most people only have to spend about 8-12 weeks doing the program, which is still a nice length of time and plenty of time to build muscle. If you’re a beginner and want to start building muscle, these programs are just the beginning of that process.

What can I do different to get stronger faster?

I don’t know. All I can tell you is that after reading and doing this program, you will feel better than ever as a lifter, and eventually you will see results that exceed any training program you have attempted until that point.

This is the place to get this and countless other answers on these programs that will build your body.

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