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It’s important to talk with your doctor and your doctor’s healthcare provider about how your weight loss surgery is expected to impact your sleep habits and how you can prevent them from happening. After you’ve been on weight loss surgery for about a month or so you will most likely need to reduce your sleep when you first start losing weight. Your surgeon will usually refer you to a sleep specialist, who will likely start you off against your target sleeping time, or have you take breaks to adjust your schedule so you don’t have to sleep for an extra half hour every 2 to 3 days. It’s also important to discuss with your doctor and your surgeon whether there will be any changes to your weight loss surgery. If they decide those changes are needed, your surgeon will tell you. And if you miss weight at all, you are supposed to change your eating pattern for 6 weeks.

I am still waiting for my surgery. How can I make sure I know where I am when I need my surgeon?

Ask your surgeon for a detailed tracking bracelet/band that shows you your calorie, fat, protein, carbohydrate and fluid intake in real time. If you’re worried about missed meals you can download my app or send me an email or follow me on social media to receive daily reminders.

If you’re not sure about how much you should be eating, ask your surgeon for a meal plan (available for download on my website) so you don’t always lose weight, as weight control is incredibly important.

I lost weight during my surgery, now I want to talk about it with my partner. Will I lose my baby weight too?

You may be able to keep your baby weight after weight loss surgery depending on your diet and your body fat. When I started the recovery phase after my surgery, I lost 40 pounds in my first month back to health. Over the past 12 months I’ve gone from 250 to 205 and that’s because I’ve stopped eating a lot of carbohydrates and am eating more fat. I’ve lost 10 percent of my body fat, which is amazing! Most women who are undergoing bariatric surgery are now able to maintain a healthy weight despite losing all of their body fat. So whether you’re talking about your baby or not, I recommend waiting 6 months to see if you can lose the entire weight and continue to enjoy your new healthier lifestyle. You might think about getting on birth control or taking medication to get off birth control, or trying weight loss programs like Pregnancy is Safer for Women,

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